An aged care safety management system that gives you total peace of mind

Ensure resident safety and regulatory compliance with our comprehensive health, safety, and environment management online platform. Provide better quality of care and prevent incidents with a system that helps you track risks and implements proactive measures to protect residents and staff.

Maintain a safe environment without the hassle of paperwork and spreadsheet files

Running an aged care facility comes with a unique set of challenges and risks, and demands precise care in management. That’s where myosh’s aged care safety management platform comes in. 

Designed to address these complexities, myosh provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that supports caregivers and staff in delivering the highest standard of care. The cloud-based software facilitates reliable data collection at the desk or on the app, even beyond internet range. Standardised reporting then allows you to predict common risks and spot issues in your organisation. 

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What it lets you do

Your myosh environment functions as a central database for reporting and information tracking, as well as a hub for supporting services such as Online Learning courses and advanced analytics.

Every staff member gets access to the system, with your administrators controlling what they can see and what they can do, down to the smallest detail inside dynamic forms that adapt to the user role and the workflow progression.

Perform functions like

  • Log hazards
  • Report incidents
  • Collaboratively establish safe work protocols
  • Manage internal document versions, and their access
  • Manage staff training records
  • Register vehicles and equipment, tracking insurance and repair logs
  • Manage staff and client health records

Centralise your health and safety management, consolidate all your safety documents in one place, and simplify how you track and monitor safety activities, policies, plans and procedures.

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Did you know the Federal Government just injected $2.2bn into aged care?

With the newly rolled out 2024-25 Federal Budget, there’s never been a better time to invest in innovation and best practice. The demand on aged care is growing, the type of care required is changing and there’s a space for facilities to prove that they are best in class. 

Some of the key investment areas include: 

  • Home care packages
  • The transfer of older patients from hospitals to aged care
  • A massive increase in budget for The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) which means even more stringent compliance reviews for facilities
  • Aged care technology, which could be used for safety management software and processes around risk management

Will you stay ahead of the curve? Learn more about the Federal Government’s recent budget decisions here. 

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Ready-made, configurable modules for all your aged care needs

Designed over decades with feedback from users and industry experts, myosh’s 50+ configurable modules have everything you need for full safety and health control. Modular functions lets you choose only what’s relevant for you, so that every budget is accommodated. 

Expert configurators and consultants are also on hand to help you customise your system and choose the most relevant modules for your needs. Get the most out of your safety management system with a platform designed to maximise flexibility.

Key modules frequently used by aged care facilities include:

Not seeing the modules you need? Not a problem. 

Beyond the extensive suite of standard modules, the myosh team can create bespoke modules designed specifically for your needs. This can usually be achieved with a turnaround time of a few days to a couple of weeks, at a fraction of the cost of developing custom software from scratch. And with the added bonus of having ongoing myosh support with regular maintenance, you won’t have to retain technical personnel to maintain your system.

Trust myosh with your aged care safety needs

Tailor your safety management framework

  • Quickly create and implement a safety management framework tailored to your facility’s unique needs.
  • Incorporate best practices into daily routines, with structured forms and guided workflows, enhancing care quality and compliance through continuous analytics.
  • Transform your corporate policies into actionable on-site safety protocols, reducing reliance on physical paperwork.

Strengthen leadership and ensure accountability

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities so each team member understands their safety duties and sees only relevant information.
  • Coordinate tasks and schedules smoothly, reducing conflicts and promoting a culture of accountability.

Advance planning and performance monitoring

  • Set clear health and safety objectives and track progress efficiently in real time on your dashboard. Stop exporting graphs from spreadsheets. 
  • Establish measurable health & safety goals specific to the aged care sector.
  • Promoting continuous improvement in safety outcomes by drilling into root causes, allowing you to adapt as needed.

Simplify implementation with comprehensive document control

  • Keep licences and permits up-to-date and easily accessible.
  • Centralise all critical safety documents for consistent implementation of safety protocols and easy access for all staff.

Optimise operational risk management

  • Effectively manage changes in aged care operations and associated risks to maintain a safe environment. 
  • Quickly integrate new safety considerations into design and change management processes.
  • Scale up risk assessment with tools and workplace inspection capabilities like real-time dashboard visualisations. 
  • Improve oversight of control measures and proactively mitigating risks

Stay mobile

  • Make use of the mobile app to make reports in the field or while inspecting your own facilities.
  • Capture and attach images directly to relevant records as you go.
  • Perform guided inspections with questionnaires that trigger predefined system actions when certain conditions are met.
  • Use QR codes to link electronic records to physical assets via stickers or tags.

Deepen behavioural safety, awareness, and competence

  • Equip every team member with the knowledge and skills necessary for safe operations. The training matrix makes it easy to see gaps in competency.
  • Implement a comprehensive training plan with occupational competency requirements tailored to your workforce’s unique needs.
  • Streamline fitness-for-work assessments and inductions with Online Learning, ensuring all workers meet required safety standards before they begin work.

Elevate systems of work and emergency preparedness

  • Streamline the development and application of SOPs, SWIs, and JSAs, ensuring clear guidelines for all operations.
  • Improve incident reporting and investigation tools, and apply effective corrective action management to respond to incidents and prevent recurrence.
  • Prepare your team with comprehensive emergency response plans and crisis management strategies, ensuring swift and effective action.

Ready to enhance your aged care
safety management?

Failing to implement an effective safety management system in aged care can lead to serious consequences, including regulatory action. With myosh, you can quickly establish and deploy a robust safety management system, ensuring compliance and the highest level of care and safety. 

The myosh implementation team will work to design a robust package built around your needs, seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and processes. A smooth transition and immediate benefits, guaranteed. And if you are a smaller organisation with simpler requirements, you can make use of our standard templates to get running faster and cheaper.​​

Take the next step towards a safer, more efficient facility today with a free 1-month trial of myosh.

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