Risk Hazard Management

Eliminate guesswork in %%hazard detection%%

Leverage real-time data for proactive risk management, streamlining safety and preempting hazards.

Tackle the blind spots in risk management

This hazard management module structures your workplace safety approach by enabling a proactive, comprehensive risk management strategy. You navigate through a four-step process—Identify, Assess, Control, and Review—to build and refine your company’s risk profile. Anticipate, evaluate, and mitigate potential hazards.

This tool not only enhances your ability to mitigate risks through real-time graphical insights but also ensures seamless integration with your existing systems.

It’s about transforming the way you manage risks, making your safety measures not just reactive but strategically ahead, ensuring your workplace remains a step ahead in safety management.

Hazard Reporting on the Dashboard
Hazard Reporting on the Dashboard

Key features of myosh’s risk hazard management software

  • Hazard Identification: Identify and log your customised spectrum of potential hazards.
  • Risk Assessment: Assess the severity and likelihood of identified hazards.
  • Control Measures: Implement targeted measures to eliminate or mitigate identified risks.
  • Review and Continuous Improvement: Get analytical insights to instruct strategy modifications.
  • Automated Notifications: Inform stakeholders when hazards are reported and actions are taken.
  • Advanced Risk Ratings: Evaluate and track initial and residual risks with advanced rating systems for comprehensive data collection.

Designed to make hazard logging %%simple and accessible%%

Painless logging

  • Forms dynamically adapt to input to make sure users only see what’s relevant.
  • Pre-defined guided fields like selection lists, checkboxes, and questionnaires create a guided flow to allow even inexperienced workers to collect high-quality data.
  • Multi-party sign-off and review is handled by the system, according to user roles. Ditch the confusing email threads and scattered attachments.

Risk reports done your way

  • Create customised and detailed reports with advanced filters for focused safety analysis with the Viking Analytics module.
  • Export data to Excel.
  • Visualise risk metrics graphically or in tables.
  • Pinpoint specific incidents within chosen dates for targeted review.
  • Generate summarises of aged hazards for different locations, departments, or divisions for a panoramic view of safety across your organisation.
Viking Analytics Hazards Advanced Reporting

Customise to suit your company’s needs*

Adapt the risk management software to meet your specific needs with flexible configuration options:

  • Modify fields and hazard types through a user-friendly interface.
  • Define your own risk matrices for tailored risk assessment.
  • Configure notification profiles for user-relevant alerts that avoid notification fatigue.
  • Ensure the module aligns with your operational requirements for precise hazard management.

Seamlessly connect with your current systems

The hazard reporting software integrates directly with your ERP and third-party systems, streamlining your safety operations.

Also, myosh’s hazard management module links with Action Management and Incident Reporting modules for a unified approach to safety management across your organisation.

Risk hazard management in 4 steps

  1. Step 1: Hazard Identification - Label potential hazards in the workplace.
  2. Step 2: Risk Assessment - Evaluate the severity and likelihood of the identified hazards.
  3. Step 3: Control - Implement measures to eliminate or reduce hazards.
  4. Step 4: Review - Check the effectiveness of control measures and adjust as needed.

A safer tomorrow %%begins today%%

Experience effective safety management firsthand with over 50 customisable modules, real-time insights, and maximal configurability.

Start your new safety management system strategy with a free 1-month trial of myosh today.

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Hazard Management %%FAQs%%

What features make your module effective for hazard identification?

myosh’s hazard management module excels in hazard identification by offering comprehensive coverage across various hazard types, customisable categories for specific industry needs, and real-time data collection for immediate hazard logging and analysis. This combination of features ensures a proactive and time-efficient approach to identifying workplace hazards.

Can I customise the hazard management module to fit our industry-specific needs?

Absolutely. The module offers extensive customisation options, from adjusting fields and hazard types to configuring specific risk matrixes, making it adaptable to the unique requirements of different industries. Note that customisation options depend on the subscription tier.

How can I learn more about using your hazard management module?

For an in-depth understanding of myosh’s hazard management software, find a comprehensive user manual and a detailed walkthrough of the hazard identification process. Additionally, full documentation is available for all other modules.

*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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