Viking Hazard Management

What does the module do?

The myosh Hazard Management module guides the user through a proactive process that enables continuous improvement and risk reduction in your business.

The Hazard Management module is integrated with other modules and information captured in this module can be converted into actions or incorporated into Management Reports and Dashboards.

Watch a video

Viking Hazard Management

Length: 11:30 minutes
This video demonstrates how to Manage Hazards within the myosh Viking Software.

Download the Hazard Reporting Manual

Hazards and their associated Actions can be recorded in the Hazard module. A Hazard(s) can also be linked to an Incident Report. Once the Hazard has been logged it can be updated with control strategies and applying a risk rating using your company risk matrix will show the level of risk for the hazard. Notifications will be generated when hazards are logged.


  • Hazard Workflow Diagram
  • Hazard Security Matrix
  • Hazard Notifications
  • Hazards Overview
  • Log a Hazard
  • Completing a Hazard Analysis
  • Searching Hazards

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