Injury Management

creates, stores, and tracks your workers compensation information

Ensure injured workers make an early and safe return to the workplace

Reduce your workers’ compensation premiums

Injury Management allows you to easily create, store, and track all workers compensation information.

It integrates with Incident Reporting and allows you to consolidate all documentation in a secure and confidential platform.

Link to relevant state-based Workers Compensation Legislation and Codes of Practice.
Monitor Medical Certificates for concurrency.
Create Return to Work plans in accordance with relevant Codes of Practice.
Add Case Notes and monitor additional costs associated with claims.

Information on claims progress and status can be retrieved in an instant. Filters allow searches based on an employee name, claim number, date, incident description, and more.  Documentation, reports, and certificates can be attached for reference at any time and alerts can be created for appointments and actions. A service provider address book saves valuable time and improves liaison with medical practitioners.

Detailed management reports can be generated, and management can be updated not only on employee well-being and recovery but also on the costs associated with the incident, which are recorded and tracked in this module. Users are able to view documents in a report style layout, including: Incomplete Claims, Claims Pending Lodgement, Claims Pending Liability Decision.

What does it do?

  • Links the injury incidents to the injury management documents
  • First, First/Final, Progress and Final Certificates created
  • Return to work programs created and tracked
  • Case notes recorded
  • Costs are recorded and tracked
  • Service provider details recorded in an address book
  • Reminder notifications sent by email re: appointments

What reports can I create?

  • From the module views users are able to view documents in a report style layout, including Incomplete claims, Claims Pending Lodgement, Pending Liability Decision
  • Users are also able to quickly and easily view all claims by insurer, person, site, date and date of incident

Can I configure the module?

  • Add new values or remove values from existing fields through a simple-to-use web interface
  • Add different certification and service types
  • Define notification profiles
  • Customise work hours and days to suit your company
  • Change the content of help screens


  • User logs injury incident
  • Administrator links injury incident to injury management document
  • Administrator creates, records, and tracks progress
  • Notifications to specific people with regards to appointments


  • Links to Incident Reporting and Action Management

*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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