Equipment Registers

track the status of plant and equipment

Verify location, service, accountability, and more

Track the whereabouts and status of every piece of equipment and when it needs to be tested

Equipment plays a key role in the safety performance of your organisation. As well as being able to easily check the status and maintenance history of your equipment, myosh automates email alerts and reports to ensure all equipment is re-tested at the appropriate time.

There are numerous types of equipment registers in myosh.

Electrical Equipment

tracks electrical equipment and sends reminders when retesting is required.

First Aid Equipment

records and monitors first aid equipment

Breathing Apparatus

monitors breathing apparatus and ensure equipment is tested at appropriate intervals.

Eye Wash Stations

ensures eye wash stations are managed within your organisation

Fire Extinguisher

ensures all fire extinguishers are registered and tested at the required time.

Fire Fighting Equipment

ensures all equipment is tested and up to date

Gas Cylinder Storage

tracks information relating to gas cylinder storage


records details and retest dates of all ladders within your organisation

Lifting Equipment

tracks and monitors lifting equipment and ensure equipment is retested prior to expiry

Mobile Plant and Equipment

stores and tracks mobile plant and equipment ensuring all equipment is registered and tested

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

allows you to track and report on the distribution of PPE


tracks and stores information relating to rescue equipment, ensuring all equipment is tested and current


tracks information including servicing, maintenance, licensing requirements, pre-start, insurance and more

Waste Disposal

records lifting and rigging equipment within your organisation, as well as retest dates

*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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