Smart Inspections

Configure to work for you

Implement foolproof processes

    Smart Inspections™

    Smart Inspections work faster. Backed by a powerful Rules Engine,
    key inspection responses invoke foolproof processes.
    Smart Inspections are feature-rich and dynamic:
    • Include images/photos in your questions for extra context
    • Trigger notifications based on responses
    • Define conditional logic – nested and branching
    • Drag-and-drop builder
    • Quick setup via spreadsheet imports with the optional Inspections Importer Addon

    Key features

    • Multi-language capabilities
    • Share with links and QR codes
    • Quantitative scoring
    • Group permissions
    • Offline functionality
    • Schedule and use Calendar View
    • Geolocations as a field type
    • Geolocation at sign off
    • Action creation
    • Digital and Team signatures

    Reporting and analytics

    • Create, schedule, and share pre-configured charts and tables or configure your own based on inspection responses over time.
    • Question trend charts
    • Auto pdf scheduling and sharing
    • Integrate with powerful business intelligence tools
    “Many Critical Risk Managers focus on an individual risk, verification of the controls for that risk - and then the inspection is complete. However, Smart Inspections focus on the worksite and the critical risks associated with ‘work’ – this allows controls to be verified for multiple critical risks all at the same time, because that is what a worksite is really like – multiple risks to verify, multiple controls to verify.” Josh Bryant (Mitchell Services General Manager, People and Risk)

    What the Rules Engine adds

    Adding our Rules Engine to Inspections makes them 'Smart' so that the person conducting the inspection does not have to consider whether to escalate issues or create actions. Inspectors simply record their objective observations, which trigger pre-defined downstream rules for critical processes, actions, and notifications. As a result, this automated process bypasses the need for workers to make value judgements in the field, avoiding confounding factors like mood, focus, and normal variations in human perception.

    • Automatically notify people or groups
    • Initiate or change workflows
    • Automatically assign actions
    • Automatically create records in any other integrated modules
    • Automatically change the status of linked records
    • Configure to record level
    • Amend history log within records
    • Ongoing control verification

    *Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

    Trusted to manage and improve work health and safety for over 20 years

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