Client Release Notes for Viking v2024.24.0 (deployed 13/06/2024)

June 18, 2024


  • In Form Editor > Workflow Definition a visibility condition for a RECORDLINK/REVERSE_RECORDLINK has been added which can be applied to "all records in", "any record in" or "no record in" in a particular work flow step.  The next work flow button will be displayed when the condition is met.
  • The Grand_Score fields of Total Score, Max Possible and Percentage are now exported for record export through the UI or by using the Scheduler integration job.
  • REST3 - Support New Visibility Condition Based on Linked Record Status (as per enhancement to the workflow definition described above).


  • Correct issue of not being able to save settings of a form when a MULTISELECTFIELD was configured as being dependent on a COMBOBOX. Now it is possible to clear the dependency and then re-configure it if required.
  • Prevent save conflict from occurring when saving a parent record, if the parent record was edited as well, alongside the auto-creation of an auto-populated linked child record.
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