Client Release Notes for Viking v2024.15.0 (deployed 11/04/2024)

April 10, 2024


  • Added functionality to support triggering of the integration import job multiple times per day eg. every 4 hours.


  • Fixed an issue where if a module was initially configured to display as the landing page and was then overridden by the Homepage, the module would not display at all in the navigation bar.
  • Ensure HISTORY and RICHTEXTAREA fields are included in individual record exports. This does not include exporting multiple records to template.
  • Amendment to ensure that times are converted to the time zone of the user and adjusted correctly for daylight savings.
  • Fix intermittent issue of competencies being excluded when a training record is cloned.
  • When the "Enable Advanced" option in the form editor hierarchy configuration is unchecked, prevent its hidden settings from still being applied to the form.
  • In the form editor for COMBOBOX configuration, provide a blank option in the drop down list for the “Depends on” field so that dependencies can be cleared.
  • An amendment has been made to the READERS field so that all LookupTypes are retained on save of the form.
  • Changes made to the record list of a form are saved correctly when the change involves removing a column from the optional list and adding it to the default list.
  • It was found that records with automated advancing of workflow based on a date field with an OR condition were updating regardless of the time of their last update. This has now been corrected.
  • REST3 – Fix issue of the API not returning the site names for the GET /v3/hierarchy endpoint.
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