Client Release Notes for Viking v2024.03.0 (deployed 18/01/2024)

January 19, 2024


  • None this week.


  • A record (child) that is created from a QUESTIONNAIRE field will now show the document number and form name of the record (parent) it was created from in the REVERSE_RECORDLINK field.
  • Dashboard – The colour of the “Previous” line in compared frequency line widgets will now be retained when making edits to the widget configuration
  • When a system is set up to display dates in US format this will now be applied for importing/exporting.
  • The issue of the template record not being saved when being created directly from a schedule in the scheduled record creation area of administration has been resolved.
  • REST3 - Where there are hierarchy values with the same name but different parent values the correct value will now be correctly selected for records modified via REST3.
  • The description column has been added for importing/exporting competencies in the training management area of administration.
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