Client Release Notes for Viking v2024.02.0 (deployed 11/01/2024)

January 19, 2024


  • None this week.


  • An error has been resolved for users on Mac computers using the Edge browser when accessing a record list where their browser time zone was set to AET.
  • The “EMAIL_THIS_BUTTON” field will now successfully include attachments of a large file size. These attachments will be included as links within the email.
  • The issue that caused error messages in the form editor audit log was fixed.
  • Users were experiencing an error when exporting from the all forms view. This was caused by not having permission to export records for one or more forms. This has been resolved by not including in an all forms export records for forms where a user does not have export access.
  • In the form editor when there is a person field (A) which has a default value and another person field (B) which is set to default to A’s manager users could not remove A’s default value. This has been fixed so A’s default value can now be cleared.
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