Client Release Notes for Viking v2023.48.0 (deployed 23/11/2023)

December 7, 2023


  • Implement support for a “Source ID” column in the scheduler integration jobs for Occupation. The Source ID, if provided, will be written to the database.


  • REST3 – Change behaviour in the REST3 API so that the lookup type is not returned for multi option fields such as MULTISELECTFIELD etc., when the field type is changed to a different type such as a TEXTFIELD.
  • REST3 – Ensure no error is returned in the API when requesting records by their Source ID.
  • Dashboard – Fix error experienced in the Dashboard by some V4 users who are missing the “Fields to Values” section but have hierarchy filtering in their user record in MongoDB.
  • Dashboard – Ensure the default colour for the “Previous” line is red in all TRIFR widgets.
  • When an advanced validation rule of “Before or on today” is configured for a DATEFIELD, correct issue of not being able to select the current date in some time zones.
  • Correct the issue of data not displaying correctly in the training matrix when the same date field (eg. Scheduled/Renewal date) was selected in Training Management configuration in both the ‘Scheduled Date’ and ‘Expiry Date’ fields.
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