Risk Assessment

enables you to accurately establish and evaluate risk

Once identified, the risk can be assessed, rated, and tracked

    Identify and assess risk

    The Risk Assessment module allows you to identify risks associated with any assessment type including plant, type, and site assessments.

    What does it do?

    • Once identified, they can be assessed, risk rated and tracked with follow up reminders
    • This assessment tool builds a library of commonly known hazards associated with assessments
    • Plant assessments can occur at commissioning, production handover or on existing plant


    • Accountable person analyses, evaluates through risk rating, control strategy and puts controls, corrective actions, review dates in place to treat the risk
    • Email notifications to review hazards on review date


    • Integrates with documentation modules and equipment registers
    • Links to action management to ensure follow up of corrective and preventative actions are created
    risk assesment

    *Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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