Provide the big picture, at a glance

Leaving you more time for analysis

Configure, analyse and share your organisation‘s safety

myosh Dashboards provide powerful organisation insight by transforming your HSEQ data into intelligent visual charts, maps and tables.

Up to date data is derived from modules and displayed in an interactive visual format, customised specifically for you and your team.

Instantly access vital data, identify trends, filter, analyse and report for quick action.

Make better decisions that achieve real change in safety habits, productivity and performance.

MyOsh Classic iPads


  • Combine your data with an intuitive designer interface
  • Create your own tabs then add charts, tables and maps by simply pointing and clicking
  • Produce a standard dashboard or allow individual users to configure their own


  • Drill down into data, maps, charts, tables & KPIs
  • Filter data by hierarchy, dates & other parameters


  • Present your data in a graphical format
  • Export to common file formats
  • Enable users to see only the data they are allowed to see
  • Access dashboard on any device

Trusted to manage and improve work health and safety for over 20 years

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