Covid-19 Reporting

Protect your workers

Minimise the risk of coronavirus spreading in your workplace

Self-reporting - Contact-tracing - HR evaluation

The Covid-19 Reporting module allows you to keep track of any employees or contractors that may have come into contact with an affected person, or keep track of someone that has been affected. The module also keeps a record of whether isolation or quarantine is required and dates completed, any locations they have visited and also linking existing cases to close contacts and new cases. The module will automatically send notifications to people that have been in close contact with an affected or suspected affected person so they can monitor their symptoms and create a report for themselves as well.

Administrators also have the ability to easily import existing records through a ready-made excel template available inside the module, so it’s now super simple to keep track of everything you need, and to be able to filter by different options such as dates, isolation or quarantine, test results, risk, and their status.

Features and Functions

  • Allows self-reporting of COVID-19
  • Facilitates HR to manage their response in line with emergency response plans
  • Allows contact tracing
  • Real-time information with automated rules based emails and push notifications
  • Track related COVID-19 cases

*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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