Case study

Atlas Concrete

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate Down 72%

Atlas Concrete
“If you can imagine it, we can deliver it”.

This is the Atlas Concrete company motto. It’s a tall order, but one that Atlas Concrete has strived to live up to for 70 years, supplying concrete throughout the larger Auckland area.

The Team at Atlas Concrete are also totally committed to the Health and Safety of their employees. To ensure excellence and improvement, management decided to implement myosh Safety Management Software so they could manage and prioritise health and safety across their 5 divisions and 9 branches.

The company has managed to achieve a remarkable 72% reduction in their LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate) from 40.9 to 11.4 in the past year. Edward Lisowski, Health and Safety Manager at Atlas Concrete, had the following positive comments with regards to the myosh Safety Software Management System:

• The myosh support team made implementation and user training easy. They were able to easily upload “5 Years” of historic incident data.

• Users found the system easy to use and there was a reduction of input errors. The computer based system was far more efficient than the previous paper based system.

• The instant notifications feature keeps users informed, and allows relevant persons to take immediate action.

• The system makes it easy for users to enter incidents in a timely manner, rather than waiting until additional information has been gathered.

• Atlas Concrete introduced many safety management initiatives and the noticeable improvements which resulted, were highlighted and easily reviewed using the myosh Dashboard feature.

With a greater focus on Injury Management, and with the support from myosh’s ease of capture and communication of incidents, Atlas Concrete have seen a significant reduction in Lost Time Injuries (LTI). LTI’s have decreased from 26% to 7% and remain low.

Mr. Lisowski is also pleased to note increased reporting from all sites. In previous years, Atlas Concrete averaged 10 – 15 incident reports per site, whereas the current 12 month period shows a threefold increase in this number. Other significant improvements include:

• Improved and increased classification of Incident Types – the Dashboards clearly indicate how previously only 5 types of incident were reported and at present 12 types have been reported on.

• Reports of Near Misses have increased from 16% to 39%

Organisations across the globe have been using myosh to manage and improve work safety for over 14 years. Over 100 cloud based modules integrate with intuitive action management. Results are analysed, shared and improved with powerful reporting tools and dashboards. myosh mobile simplifies inspections, incident and hazard reporting and promotes a shared culture of responsibility for safety.