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Armaguard Creates and Deploys Viking Crisis Management Module Within a Day


With a requirement to communicate rapidly changing information about the Coronavirus pandemic to staff, Armaguard Group acted decisively to deploy a crisis management module using the Viking platform – in the morning the module was conceived. By the end of the day, the module was deployed along with workflow and automated notifications to those who need them most.

As needs change Armaguard will be able to modify the module and adapt it to their changing requirements. For example, targeted information can be released dependent on the groups people belong to and the categories defined within the documents if the need arises.

Armaguard was able to develop the module themselves with their specific requirements. They were able to implement without the need to revert between IT specialists and programmers.   Being a proactive organisation with a strong safety focus, Armaguard were able to quickly develop content to populate the module. At myosh, we are working in partnership with our customers on new modules to help with their response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team who are more than willing to assist.

COVID-19 Module Requirements

Let us know what you need

Some companies are required to repurpose in times of need, and myosh is able to deliver a host of business applications in a short period of time.

E.g. Clients are already using the Covid-19 Reporting module with Viking Analytics and a Covid-19 alerts module.

With the change in dynamics of the workforce, new challenges will arise and myosh can potentially help.

The Viking platform allows for rapid development of business applications for deployment on both PCs and mobile devices

Please feed back any requirements to manage your team or operations and we will see what we can do to put together solutions. We have a host of templates which can be quickly repurposed to meet unique requirements

Tell us what you need and we will reply with a solution or suggestions.

Examples include:

  • Managing COVID-19 employee cases
  • Managing staff working from home
  • Retraining workers and adapting workplace learning
  • Assessing contractors
  • Managing resource availability
  • Document control
  • Organisational learning
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