Critical Control Management

& The Digital Bow-Tie

Reduce Incidents with a Control Management framework that integrates with everyday work processes.

The myosh Critical Control Management (CCM) module reduces the likelihood of incidents by automating the CCM process. Critical Control verification is incorporated into everyday processes such as regular workplace inspections.

The myosh CCM integrates critical processes more effectively and enables teams to focus on the effectiveness and enforcement of hazard management controls and drive real improvement in workplace safety. Available exclusively to myosh Custom tier subscribers.

Pre-configured processes trigger automatically when controls are compromised

Identify your Critical Risks

Use Learning Teams and industry data.

Identify Controls that mitigate or prevent unwanted events

Add new controls or link to existing.

Backend records are created automatically.

Add details later. ie Accountability, performance standards and more.

Use Smart Inspections

Frequent processes such as inspections automatically create control verification records.

The Rules Engine™

Bow-tie Control status updates automatically.

Click on Bow-tie to open record to view history.

Pre-configured processes trigger automatically when controls are compromised.

Performance Dashboard

The Dashboard displays historical verifications. Filter by site, asset and time.

Organisations typically record thousands of verifications over time, ensuring compliance, transparency, and feedback for management.

The system allows for unlimited workflow opportunities, for example, automatic action generation and non-conformance status amendments.

The CCM Guidebook

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*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

Trusted to manage and improve work health and safety for over 20 years

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