SOP - Safe Operating Procedure

SOP is short for Safe Operating Procedures or Standard Operating Procedures.

SOPs are sets of standardised procedures that identify health and safety considerations relating to the operation of particular plant, machinery, or equipment. These procedures are codified in what is sometimes also called Safe Work Instructions (SWIs) or Safe Work Method Satements (SWMS) and are a legal requirement for any hazardous activities, in most jurisdictions. It has a similar definition to Safe Work Procedures, which is just a broader term that would be applied for general work tasks not necessarily related to operating machinery, etc.

An example of a task for which an SOP must be established is the operation of a wide belt sander. Note that this is a set of instructions for a particular context, tailored to the workplace and the model/class of the machine; it is in addition to general safety training for dangerous machinery operation.

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A note from myosh

A myosh implementation for your workplace can help you prepare SOPs online with a guided workflow, as part of the SWMS Module.