Safe Work Method Statements

identify and control hazards step-by-step

SWMS enable you to break down dangerous tasks and monitor the risks to safety during each phase

All your SWMS in one place

The Safe Work Method Statements module is where each step of a task, potential hazard, risks and controls can be listed.  Potential hazards, risks and controls can be recorded against the tasks identified. Within this module hazards and corrective actions can be created, describing how the identified risks will be controlled and what control measures will be put in pace for these identified risks.

What does it do?

  • Allows the procedure to be broken into steps
  • Each step has its own potential hazards, initial/residual risk rating, controls and hazard creation
  • Records other details with regards to the safe work method statement

What reports can I create?

  • A print out of the SWMS can be created


  • User fills out the details of the safe work method statement
  • Hazards are created for each step
  • Hazards need to be either “ALARP” or “eliminated” prior to the SWMS being submitted
  • SWMS is signed off
  • Corrective actions are created


  • Links to Action Management and Hazard Management

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