Create Your Own Powerful HSEQ Dashboards

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myosh Dashboards transform your HSEQ data into intelligent visual charts, maps and tables, providing powerful organisational insight. Data is derived from modules and displayed in an interactive visual format, customised specifically for you and your team.

Instantly access vital data, identify trends, filter, analyse and report for quick action. Make better decisions that achieve real change in safety habits, productivity and performance.

Configure, Analyse and Share your safety data.

Customize and Filter many Standard Widgets or, create your own:

  • Choose your widget type
  • Apply to any of your modules
  • Choose your data field and how you want it to display
  • Add more filters, fine tune and customize colours and labels.

There are two types of statistical techniques used to validate WHS performance. These include:

  • Proactive (positive) performance indicators which measure the actions being taken to prevent work related injury and illness.
  • Training
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments
  • Incident Investigation and corrective actions
  • Safe Work procedures
  • Audits, inspections and compliance levels
  • Actions
  • Reactive/Outcome (negative) Indicators are statistics which measure the success of the implementation of the WHS management system’s in achieving the objectives as stated in the WHS Policy. Examples include:
  • Incident reporting – Examples of outcome indicators that may be analysed include:
  • Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR)
  • Medical Treated Injury frequency rate (MTIFR)
  • Total Recordable Injury frequency rate (TRIFR)
  • Workers Compensation claims (Injury Management)

Dashboard clients have a personal widget library based on the modules that they use. Each widget can be customised and changes made are applied to all users.

Widgets include:

  1. Bar Charts
  2. Column Charts
  3. Stacked Column Charts
  4. Side by Side Column Charts
  5. Line Charts
  6. Maps
  7. Pie Charts
  8. Tables
  9. KPI Target Charts
  10. And more.

All labels, colours and sort order can be customised by the customer themselves. You can also select the access to the dashboard – i.e. which users have read or modification rights or if you prefer you can keep the dashboard private.

The myosh Dashboard is accessible, interactive and flexible, allowing your team to analyse, understand and manage workplace safety.

myosh Viking Dashboard Overview – Users

Video Length : 9:02

Version : myosh Viking

This video demonstrates how to create global filters, how to filter individual tabs, how to export chart or table data, how to share link to tabs/reports and how to schedule reports.