Client Release Notes for Viking v2024.07.0 (deployed 15/02/2024)

February 15, 2024


  • None this week


  • When importing records and “Send Record Notifications” is ticked notifications will now be correctly sent when applicable.
  • When adding a questionnaire condition (i.e. as a condition for a record notification) validation has now been applied to ensure both a question and answer must be selected. Previously when a question was not selected it would cause an error preventing user from accessing the area where the condition was.
  • For Scheduled Record Creation template records will when initially set up correctly populate their hierarchy. Please note this is the template specifically when you go to set up a new schedule and not records created by the schedule itself. Records created by the schedule should be working correctly, if not please contact support.
  • Record imports and exports do not support HISTORY or RICHTEXTAREA fields. There was a particular scenario where this restriction was bypassed that has now been prevented.
  • News feed items on the Home Page will correctly show in descending order of date. For the past few weeks they were showing in ascending order.
  • Default options for the OPTIONGROUP field will now work correctly on the mobile app.
  • Empty files will be prevented from being uploaded as attachments to records.  An error message saying “Failed to upload attachment” is displayed when an upload is attempted.
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