Client Release Notes for Viking v2023.50.0 (deployed 07/12/2023)

December 14, 2023


  • Changes have been implemented to improve the storage of linked records to Textual and Numeric QUESTIONNAIRE fields in the database.
  • In the Form Editor -> Automated Advancing of Workflow, allow a new condition “has not passed” applicable to DATEFIELDs to update the status of a record.


  • When large images are added to the question fields, ensure that they are compressed to an appropriate size to display correctly in the mobile app and in the PDF file when the record is exported from the app.
  • Fix error experienced when multiple filters were applied to RISKRATING columns in the record lis.
  • Correct issue of OPTIONGROUP fields not being populated in records created with scheduled record creation.
  • REST3 – Implement changes to return the subject and body configured for the EMAIL_THIS_BUTTON field in the GET /forms endpoint.

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