Client Release Notes for Viking v2023.47.0 (deployed 16/11/2023)

December 7, 2023


  • Resolve error which sometimes occurred when exporting records containing a TIMEFIELD as a template.
  • Ensure that the Source ID does not appear in the export template file when records are not included in the download (and the schema is configured to not include the Source ID for downloads).
  • When a multi schema user exists in more than one schema with the same user name but different email addresses, ensure that the “Forgot your password” link works correctly and the user is able to reset their own password. The reset email is sent to the email address of the main schema.
  • For lookup types other than ‘None’ configured for multi-valued fields such as MULTISELECTFIELD etc, ensure that if the field type is changed to some other type (eg. TEXTFIELD), the lookup values are removed from the relevant database table.

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