Client Release Notes for Viking v2023.43.0 (deployed 19/10/2023)

December 7, 2023


  • Dashboard – Apply the “hierarchy ignore mode” configuration in the form definition to all dashboard widgets.

Support Amendments

  • When the ‘Initial value’ of the hierarchy section properties of a form is configured as “Autopopulate from a field on the form” and “Advanced Settings” are enabled, ensure that the hierarchy is populated accordingly for each hierarchy level where the “Initial Value” is checked and left blank if unchecked.
  • Fix issue of audit log of a form not being updated correctly in the case where two users access and make changes simultaneously to the same form. An error message will be displayed to the second user advising that the change cannot be saved as another user has edited the form.  The second user will have to log out and in again before being able to make changes to the form.

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