Safety Meetings

gives your safety meetings purpose

Schedule meetings, record details, and manage actions

Get the most out of your meetings

The myosh Safety Meetings module allows for meetings to be scheduled, minutes to be recorded and actions to be assigned.

What does it do?

  • Records the meeting details such as workgroup, type, attendees, roles and more
  • Schedules the meeting
  • Sends email notifications for meetings
  • Minutes can be attached
  • Actions can be created


  • Organiser sets up meeting
  • Emails to groups and/or individuals to notify of meeting
  • Minutes are attached
  • Actions are created


  • Actions – create actions resulting from the meetings and manage them to  ensure they are all instituted.
  • Incidents, Hazards, Risk Profile, Injury Management, Training, Contractor Management – access vital information for meeting preparation.
  • Management Reports – create the reports required for the Review Meetings Dashboards – show status with effortlessly generated and easy to interpret graphs Inspections/Audits – present results at Management Reviews
  • Integrate with payroll, HR or ERP systems for automated employee updates
  • Links to employee module
  • Links to action management to ensure the actionable items raised during the meeting can be managed

*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

Trusted to manage and improve work health and safety for over 20 years

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