QR Codes

safety data in your hand, instantly

Access employee and equipment information in the field with the touch of a button

Data in your hand

Whether you want to ensure that a contractor or employee has the right credentials, has completed inductions, or if you simply want to check instantly on the maintenance or calibration status of plant equipment – simply scan the QR code on the employee or contractor ID card or that of the equipment.

QR codes can significantly speed up and simplify your inspections and audits. Incorporating smartphones and QR codes into your management system boosts the reliability of your information and prevents data entry errors.

Access personal data

Check employees’

  • Photograph
  • Completed training
  • View certificates/attachments
  • Expired training
  • Outstanding training
  • Emergency contact details and more.

Access equipment registers

  • Check instantly on the maintenance status of plant or equipment.
  • View details
  • View service data and more

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