Identify and correct instances

Address non-conformance with appropriate corrective action

Identify and address non-conformance against ISO standards

A non-conformance means that a problem has occurred and needs to be addressed. The aim of a non-conformance report is to clearly define the problem, so that appropriate corrective action can be taken.

Non-conformance terminology and procedure is most often encountered by companies implementing or maintaining HSEQ ISO standards, although they have application wherever performance is measured by a standard or requirement.

What does it do?

  • The user logs the details and classifies the non-conformance
  • Nominated people investigate the non-conformance
  • Notifications are sent when non-conformance is logged and classified
  • Provides a structured investigation process
  • Email driven sign off and authorisation processes
  • Assists in the identification of root causes
  • Assign corrective actions

What reports can I create?

  • Customise your own reports, using filters to select required records and fields to display
  • Export to Excel

Can I configure the module?

  • Add new or remove values from existing fields through a simple to use web interface
  • Define notification profiles
  • Customise content of the help screens


  • The user logs a non-conformance, completes the document, then selects the relevant person and submits
  • The relevant representative/internal root cause investigator receives a notification, opens the document, enters information and then locks the classification
  • If the non-conformance is external, the representative can nominate a responsible external investigator
  • The internal root cause investigator completes the investigation and sends for sign off
  • Internal authoriser signs-off, refers or reopens non-conformance document


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*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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