Job Safety Observations

Reinforce safe work practices

Observe employees and correct unsafe acts or conditions

Eliminate incidents and injuries

The main objective in any Safety Management programme should be the elimination of incidents and injuries. Reinforce a positive culture of safety in the Workplace, with Job Safety Observations.

An effort to reduce injuries, can result in decreased costs, increased productivity and improved employee morale.  Research indicates that companies approach Job Safety Observation differently, some focussing on Behavioural Observation, whilst others encompass the facility where the job is undertaken, tools and machinery used and the people involved in a particular task.

Job Safety Observations can be used to:

Observe employees who are performing normal work activities

Understand rationale for decisions and actions

Reinforce safe work practices

Correct unsafe acts and conditions

Observations are an opportunity to point out the positive actions and situations and recognise opportunities for improvement

What reports can I create?

  • Customise your own JSO, using filters to select the required records and fields to display
  • Calendar view showing when the JSO was completed

Can I configure the module?

  • Add new values or remove values from existing fields through a simple to use web interface
  • The job category can be configured


  • Enter the details of the observer and the tasks being observed
  • Record date and time of observation
  • Record the classification, class, rating and observation
  • Create corrective actions where necessary for observations
  • Attach relevant documentation
  • Create Actions for the overall JSO


  • Links to action management to ensure follow up corrective and preventative actions are created

*Feature availability depends on subscription tier. See a detailed feature comparison here.

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