Job Hazard Analysis

Identify and control workplace hazards

Ensure tasks are carried out safely

A Job Hazard Analysis details in a step by step manner, how a task should be carried out safely. These documents are used to identify and control workplace hazards with the aim of preventing injury. Whatever your company calls it – JHA, JSA, SWMS – use the myosh module to assist you.

What does it do?

  • Records the type of JHA
  • Records who performed it and any stakeholders
  • Allows for attachments

What reports can I create?

  • Calendar view showing when the JHA was completed

Can I configure the module?

  • Add new values or remove values from existing fields through a simple to use web interface
  • The type can be configured


Links to action management to ensure follow up corrective and preventative actions are created

job hazard analysis

Protecting people, assets, and reputation

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