Keep quality health and safety observations

The myosh Diary can be used to maintain ongoing health and safety notes

Document your observations

Keeping good health and safety records is important. Key information needs to be easily retrievable so it can be passed on from one person to another, ensuring consistency and continuity. It also enables senior managers to monitor health and safety performance and in some cases is a legal requirement.

Contemporaneous records that are not recorded in standard templates such as Incident Reports or Inspections, can be recorded using the myosh Diary Module.

This can include:


Instructions issued

Meeting minutes

File notes of conversations or incidents.

Site visits by regulatory bodies

Unusual weather conditions

The number and type of employees on site at the time

What does it do?

  • Records different event and weather types
  • Records location of event and people involved
  • Records a full description of the event
  • Upload any relevant documents or photographs


  • Record the event
  • Create any actions that need to be undertaken


  • Links to action management to ensure relevant actions can be managed

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