Case study

CPC Engineering

CPC’s commitment to health and safety

CPC Engineering

CPC Engineering (CPC) is a leading mid-tier provider of engineering design, construction and maintenance services to the minerals and resource sector. With over 350 personnel spread out across regional areas, safety is both a challenge and a priority for CPC.

Zero Harm is an integral part of the team’s philosophy and the company is committed in its operating endeavour to achieve a standard of the highest level in the pursuit of this goal. As such, CPC boasts an excellent safety and unblemished industrial relations record.

CPC and myosh

CPC utilise myosh to manage and track incidents, inspections, worker training, injuries, non-conformance against standards, and hazards and associated actions. The myosh system is modular, and HSE Manager Paul Trenowden said the team at CPC was taking advantage of the system’s flexibility in adapting to unique organisational requirements.

“We’re really positive about utilising myosh Viking. It is our go-to platform for anything to do with health and safety, environmental reporting, and quality reporting. It’s also our training management system, and it manages our actions, hazards, injury management, and our behavioural based observation program.”

A key module for CPC is Inspections and Audits. In particular, the team takes full advantage of the module’s ability to preload customised inspections and track the results.

“Our inspections are really in-depth. We have a wide variety of inspections that include things like cyclone management, cranes, driving, dropped objects, electrical work, elevated working platforms, some quality ones, some environmental ones, and some workshop ones. So there’s a whole wide variety of them in there. We have close to 40-50 inspections pre-loaded into the inspections module, and we utilise those for our KPIs. We find that the module is really beneficial to us. It’s a fantastic module.”

CPC is progressively moving towards conducting all their inspections on the myosh Mobile App, which allows the user to log and view actions, incidents, hazards and safety observations offline.

“Our people work in an underground environment and they get no signal in that environment. Of course, you don’t need any signal or wifi to enter a record”

CPC also make extensive use of the myosh Non-Conformance module to identify and address non-conformance against ISO standards.

“We’re accredited to all three standards – safety, quality, and environment. Non-conformance is our number one priority for quality reporting. We use the module as a record of our non-conformances in the quality space – so it’s key for us when we come to audit time. In the sense of showing those non-conformances, but also in how we manage the associated actions out of those.”

“We are also currently developing the register side of our business and we’re using the registers within myosh to help us manage that.”

CPC also utilise Dashboards to instantly access vital data and identify trends. Up-to-date data is pulled from modules and displayed in an interactive visual format, customised specifically for CPC management’s objectives.

“Dashboards are really effective. Our divisional managers are a key competent to our business and as we go and continue to learn how the system works, the managers are loving it. Because they just simply click on the dashboard, and can quickly see their people, their actions etc., and they just really enjoy it. The fact that we can semi-program it is great, and the support we get is fantastic.”

myosh would like to thank Paul Trenowden and the team at CPC Engineering for their valuable feedback.