Case study

Action Industrial Catering

Zero Recorded Lost Time Injuries Since 2012

Action Industrial Catering

myosh enables sustainable processes that drive real and measurable improvements in safety. From small businesses, to global enterprises, our clients see tangible results that come from using an intuitive safety management system.

And that’s exactly the experience of Action Industrial Catering. As a renowned quality provider of catering and support services to the remote mining and construction industry, and with hundreds of employees across multiple remote sites – safety is both a challenge and a priority for Action. They needed a safety management system that was uniquely designed and had flexibility to facilitate the multiple services they offer.

According to HSE Manager, Roger Anderson, myosh facilitated an improved safety focus from Action’s employees and also significantly improved their injury management practices. And their impressive safety numbers speak for themselves.

As a part of Action’s continued commitment toward safety, management set a KPI for Total Recorded Injury Frequency Rate of 0.0, and have achieved this with consistency from May 2017.
Action was also able to drastically reduce their Lost Time Injury numbers, and can boast zero recorded Lost Time Injuries since November 2012.

Mr. Anderson provides some specific ways myosh has influenced Action’s culture of safety, and has contributed to their impressive safety numbers:

• Simultaneous communication updates to our remote work locations for safety sharing of Incidents, Hazards & Actions

• Provides all remote locations with an immediate incident notification which allows all locations to review and assess risks of recurrence for their site and act to prevent

• Works as a great Safety Intranet business solution

• Improved inspection process using iPads and simpler record keeping

• Direct access to myosh Safety Management System by our remote site teams

• Remote locations have access to training records of all employees, valuable when transferring staff for site manager

• Provides information for Perth office on identified hazards, incidents and inspections for collaborative approach of knowledge and compliance

Action Catering have a strong commitment to the safety of their employees and this is demonstrated with these excellent improvements. They are also benefitting from reduced insurance costs, reduced injury management costs, and increased productivity.

myosh would like to thank Mr. Roger Anderson and the team at Action Industrial Catering for their valuable feedback.