Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Software Overview

Leading the way in HSE software management

Fast track safety compliance for small to large organisations with myosh.

    Powerful tools for efficient workflows

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    Improve KPI’s

    Reduce workplace injury impactsIncrease safety metrics

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    Seamless reporting tools

    Capture data anywhere, anytime
    Offline and online functionality
    Mobile app companion

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    Work faster

    Boost productivity, avoid interruptions
    Efficient task management
    Swift planning, assigning, and reviewing

    Featuring over 50 standard modules

    Unlock the full potential of your HSE software with myosh’s suite of over 50 modules.

    • Fully customisable to meet your unique operational needs
    • Capability to deliver custom modules quickly and cost-effectively, offering a personalised solution

    Discover myosh’s range of popular modules tailored to meet the diverse safety needs of various industries.

    What’s included with every tier

    Mobile + QR Codes

    Log and view actions, incidents, hazards and safety observations.

    • Add images and assign actions, anytime, anywhere.
    • Use voice to text to add detailed observations.
    • Conduct customised inspections with images, actions and detailed observations for every line item.
    • Include your digital signature for sign off.

    Capture safety management data in the field with seamless offline and online capability

    Learn More

    Access critical documents online or offline including:

    • Emergency procedures
    • Forms
    • Guidelines
    • Plant assessments
    • Policies
    • Safe work method statements
    • Safe work procedures

    Use QR codes to link physical objects and people to their myosh records

    • Scan employee IDs to check safety training and competency status
    • Add QR code stickers to equipment to speedrun equipment register checks
    • Add QRs tied to workflows, like inspections, to prompt protocols where they are needed. For example, on vehicle dashboards where pre-start inspections are required.


    Turn HSE data into actionable insights

    Your Dashboard transforms health, safety, environmental, and quality data into visual charts, maps, and tables, providing deep insights tailored to specific team needs. This allows for real-time data access, trend identification, and comprehensive analysis for proactive decision-making, enhancing safety practices, productivity, and overall performance.

    MyOsh Classic iPads


    • Easily combine your data using a user-friendly design interface.
    • Quickly create and customise tabs with charts, tables, and maps.
    • Offers both standardised and individual customisation options for dashboards.
    • Decide what data is visible to which user roles


    • In-depth analysis with the ability to drill down into various data types.
    • Dynamic filtering by hierarchy (sites/departments/etc), dates, and more for precise insights.


    • Share your findings in a visually-appealing format.
    • Simple export options for broader data communication.
    • Customisable data scope visibility ensures privacy and relevance.
    • Access your dashboard across all devices.

    Secure Data Hosting & Backups

    Ensure your safety data remains securely in your control

    myosh’s commitment to security aligns with the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, which emphasises the importance of establishing and continually improving information security management systems.

    Reliable data management that’s protected from unauthorised access

    • Secure AWS cloud-based storage for your safety data, ensuring access anytime and anywhere.
    • Regular backups keep your data safe and recoverable in case of loss.

    System Maintenance

    Keep your system at peak performance

    Enjoy continuous system updates and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance without interruptions. No need to worry about downloading and installing anything.

    Ongoing enhancements

    Features and performance are continually upgraded to maintain an up-to-date experience seamlessly.

    Reliable software system

    mosh’s commitment to constant innovation means delivering frequent updates, most of which are implemented seamlessly in the background, maintaining service continuity. Fixes and improvements are rolled out on a weekly schedule.

    Australian-based Support

    Get prompt assistance from the Australian support team.

    Do you have a question or need guidance?

    myosh’s Australian-based, in-house support team is ready to offer quick, relevant help, ensuring you get the solutions you need without delay. No outsourced, template-based support headaches.

    Custom Risk Matrix

    Tailor your risk management to your unique workplace health and safety needs

    With myosh, you can easily customise your risk assessment to align perfectly with your organisation’s safety protocols.

    Leveraging a custom risk matrix in your safety management system allows your staff to reliably identify, assess, and manage risks. 

    • Tailor risk assessments to fit specific safety protocols.
    • Identify, evaluate, and minimise risks with guided precision for various assessment types.
    • Choose what risk matrix is used under which circumstances.*

    Software Training

    Learn the way you and your organisation will understand the best

    Enhance your team’s skills with myosh’s comprehensive software training, designed to maximise your team’s proficiency with myosh’s HSE software. 

    Tailored to meet your unique learning needs, myosh’s software training includes:

    • Private training sessions
    • Interactive tutorials
    • Step-by-step walkthroughs
    • Self-paced courses

    This flexible approach ensures your team can learn in the way that best suits their style and pace. Training is provided at cost to ensure maximal software utilisation.

    The subscription tiers myosh offers


    Fast track safety compliance for small to medium organisations with our industry-standardised templates

    Get running with our low-cost, easy-to-implement system

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    Entirely flexible to meet your need at any scale, with advanced features and bespoke modules

    Our most hands-on subscription to rise to any level of complexity required

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