Site Inductions are Easier With Online Learning

myosh Online Learning enables you to create learning solutions for your organisation providing a quick and convenient way for you to share, test and verify knowledge. This module automates the running of courses and allows you to test for understanding by building in questions. When training is successfully completed, a personalised certificate is generated, records are updated and notifications issued.

Courses are web based and can be completed anywhere with internet access, even on your smart phone. Online Learning provides an efficient way to manage Site Inductions for visitors or new employees. Send courses or inductions to site visitors before they arrive and save time. Reinforce and test knowledge with your own predefined questions and answers. You can include your unique Course link on your website or email a personal invite.

myosh Online Learning is available as a standalone cloud based solution, or as an optional myosh module that can integrate with myosh Training Management. Pricing is based on Course Attendances. It is also possible to charge a fee per course for your attendees if required.

Courses are easy to create with the myosh online learning editor or by importing existing SCORM Content.

The myosh Online Learning Editor allows you to create your own rich content including images, rich text, html links, embedded video files and your own customised questions and answers.

myosh Online Learning is SCORM Compliant.
SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology (also called e-learning). Your organisation may have existing courses that you can import and host within the myosh Online Learning platform.